HEY! We don’t claim to have found fire, but we do have an amazing product and our happy clients speak for themselves.


"Kiki has been slipping with me since day 1 I really wanted to reclaim my bed.
I didn’t want to just send him to the floor, so I bought him his very own orthopedic bed.
He loves it and I get to finally reclaim my bed again."



"After trying the bed I can say Phil’s mood has changed to bowmood."



"Definitely worth the price! Love it."



"I have an older dog, Nika spends most her time laying around.
I found that both the Summer side as the Winter provide her with the perfect comfort for her old bones.
Nika cannot speak but I can see she loves her orthopedic bed."


"Took some weeks before my dog started usign the bed.
Now she loves it!"

Susana Trovão


"We love our new bowmood bed.
Being able to switch the mattress according to the temperature is simply amazing.
Often, I get jealous of my dog’s new bed."



"A definitely must have for any dog owner who wants the absolute best for their best friends.
It took Rex a couple of days to get use to it but now he absolutely loves."

Rebeca Smith


"Tommy has hip displacement and this is without a doubt the perfect orthopedic bed for him."



"The dual side is a great feature to have.
We recommend it."



"Kowalski is very pick about the spots he chooses to take a nap. Well, not anymore... Bowmood`s bed was love at first sight"
Miguel Oliveira