“The Buddy System” is an online community created for dog parents who are looking for a safe and welcoming community where they can share information, doubts, or tips regarding their best friends.

Introduce yourself!

Hello Hello. My name is Publio and this is Teddy.

Tell us a little about yourself

I was born in Argentina but soon moved to Portugal. Having visited around 30 different countries, it´s an understatement to say that I absolutely love to travel and meet new people.
I have always admired dogs and from an early age begged my mom for one. Teddy is a 4 years old healthy Labrador who loves absolutely everything about his dog life. He barely barks, making me wonder if push comes to shove he would truly defend us against an intruder (I know he would if the intruder was a cat) (laughs).

Talk to us about your dog

I’m suspicious but I believe Teddy is probably the most adorable dog there is. He will make friendship with anyone willing to play with him for more than 5 minutes. He has yet to master the art of bringing back when playing fetch and will wander away with the ball, (hahaha, oh Teddy). He’s not a big advocate of sharing, pilling up to 3 balls in his mouth at the same time. On the other hand, he is very good with children allowing them to play with him for hours on end...

What’s your favourite thing about him?

I truly love how loving and thoughtful of a dog he is.

What’s the biggest struggle you had with him?

Teddy is a very calm dog until he is not. We had a really hard time with him when on walks since he would NOT stop pulling. Furthermore, he absolutely losses his mind when he smells or spots a cat, he will go running like a fletch and knock anything in his way. He is a BIG food advocate, always trying to see if someone will throw him a bone.

Why did you decide to become a mentor in “The Buddy System”?

I decided to become a mentor in The Buddy System not because I believe to be a dog whisper (laughs) but cause I truly believe I can learn from other people experiences with their dogs and I hope my experience can also help others. Dogs are unbelievable creatures with beautiful personalities, The Buddy System, will hopefully allow me to connect with some equally awesome people and allow us to create awesome memories without ever forgetting our friends.

What do you expect to take from this experience?

I truly hope to meet new and exciting people to whom one day I’ll be able to call friend.

What’s your favourite thing about BOWMOOD?

BOWMOOD is a breeze of fresh air in an otherwise monotonous industry. BOWMOOD mission statement is “on daily mission to become you and your dog's best friend”. That says a lot about BOWMOOD. We truly care about our fellow dog owners and prioritise that care over anything. BOWMOOD, does not look at people as one more “paying client” but as a future friend.



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