“The Buddy System” is an online community created for dog parents who are looking for a safe and welcoming community where they can share information, doubts, or tips regarding their best friends.

Introduce yourself!

I’m Juliana, this is my husband Daniel our son Antonio and the star of the house Tommy.

Tell us a little about yourself

We Live in Porto, North of Portugal, we are both architects, have a passion for arts, design and of course dogs.

Talk to us about your dog

Our dog is a three year old Pekingese, with a very long white hair, very kind and sweet, despite his fluffy appearance, is very energetic and crazy, and loves to run around in the garden, get tremendously dirty, play fetch with anything possible, from toys to stones to plastic bottles, but only until he smells our food in the table, then the play stops, and he sits silently still, like a sergeant, with humble eyes, waiting for his turn to get a nice treat.

What’s your favourite thing about him?

We brought him over when he was a puppy. I was pregnant from our son Antonio. Despite the reputation of the breed (epagneul pekingese) of being grumpy and distant with children, from the very first minute Tommy saw the baby, he loved him, and always respected his space, his toys, and always have been patient with his rough manners, because sometimes Antonio forgets that Tommy is a dog and not a furry animal. We love everything about him, but his gentle temperament melts our heart every time.

What’s the biggest struggle you had with him?

We’ve had a few minor incidents, but nothing too serious, essentially Tommy is a healthy boy, despite the recent diagnose of hip dysplasia, (knowing this scared us a little bit!!). From now on we should be extremely cautious with his acrobatic features, the way he sleeps, his body posture, in order to prevent severe injuries or the necessity of a surgery in the upcoming future.
Nevertheless, since we got him his BOWMOOD we have not seen any signs of his hip getting worse. We often regret not creating BOWMOOD earlier. Maybe he would not have hip dysplasia today!

Why did you decide to become a mentor in “The Buddy System”?

The ideia of becoming a mentor of such an ambitious project, that aims to enhance the quality of living of our pets is an honour, we can only feel very happy to contribute.

What do you expect to take from this experience?

I guess what we can take is far superior from what we can give, which is mainly some empirical knowledge on how dogs behave based merely on our amateur point of view, in return we can watch and learn with the share of information from a community that hopefully will be very rich and diverse.

What’s your favourite thing about BOWMOOD?

BOWMOOD aims to be the company that represents the happiness of dogs and owners, delivering best high-end quality products, what’s not to love?



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