Superior Materials Used

Memory Foam

Initially designed for Nasa airplanes seats, Memory Foam is both energy absorbent and soft. Memory Foam molds to your dog’s body in response to heat and pressure. Allowing him to have the support he needs and deserves. In other words, long term, your dog’s health will thank you for the use of Memory Foam since its scientifically proven it can significantly reduce risk issues such as:

  • Arthritis pain
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Muscular pain
  • Joint issues
  • Improves circulation
  • Improves overall health 


Latex is another exquisite choice for a Orthopedic dog bed. Latex is hypoallergenic, making it the perfect material for dogs with allergies. Furthermore, Latex s highly breathable. This means your best friend can enjoy a cushy surface without overheating, giving him what we call the perfect Summer side. Latex provides dynamic support for the spine and joints, allowing him to move freely and comfortably on the mattress surface. What can you expect from Latex?:

  • Responds to movement quickly, allowing the dog to move easily
  • Cooler surface when compared to Memory Foam
  • Dynamic support for the spine and joints
  • Highly breathable

Spring Foam

Holding the two together we have Spring foam, fluffy as it gets. If you ever imaged how hoping from cloud to cloud feels like, well you no longer need to keep imagining, give it a try.


With a calming, ultra durable and water resistant covers you will not have to worry if your buddy has a little spill in the bed. Quick wash in the machine and it’s as good as new, like it never happened.

Non-slippery surface 

To finalize the masterpiece, we have added a non-slippery surface in the bottom to ensure the bed does not slide from one side to the other of the house.

Dual Side Madness!

Why choose between Memory Foam and Latex when you can have both! 

Yes you heard us right, BOWMOOD Orthopedic bed has a dual side making it absolutely perfect throughout the entire year. You just have to open the zipper and flip the mattress around. Let your dog choose what option he likes the most. The Memory Foam, perfect for Winter? Or maybe, the cooler side made from Latex?

Let your best friend take the pick and thank us later.

Handmade in Europe, with Love

Located in Porto, Portugal, BOWMOOD´s factory is where the soul of our business comes together every day, Monday to Friday. Our amazing craftswomen Ana, Graça, Olinda, Fernanda and Benilde who among themselves have more than 100 years’ experience are what we call true magicians. Like a magician they are able to use their hands to sow all their love and care in every single orthopedic dual BOWMOOD bed we make for your best friend.

Me, Publio, and Juliana are firm believers that a product is only as good as the people who make them.

For that reason, very early on in this adventure called BOWMOOD we knew that we wanted all our products to be handmade by the most talented people, only by doing so can we truly make a unique and differentiating product that both you and your best friend will love.


The Super Mood Team

So, first step completed. We created an amazing product. Now what? How do we show our MOOD to the world? In order to go from the vision to the reality we put together what we proudly call the Super Mood Team.

Allow us to present the “Super Mood Team”, Publio, Juliana, Beatriz, Leyla and Daniel. This unique task force works around the clock with one single purpose: To become yours and your dog's second-best friend.Either by writing weekly blogs, filming quality content for our YouTube channel or developing our community to help all dog owners “The Buddy System” or by simply taking the time to listen to what you guys are telling us in order for us to to improve, we are always working for you.