The Super Mood Team


The true story behind BOWMOOD

My name is Tommy and my owners adopted me in 2017.

As one of multiple choices there I was, me and my buddies, in a glass showcase, in an underground pet shop, one week after we left from a big farm 300 km away.They came several times just to see us in that sad cubicle. My  mommy carried my future brother in her huge belly, and my daddy was born the same day as me. It was love at first sight! As soon as they opened the showcase, I jumped right across to the lap of the shop attendant, hoping to get out of there immediately. And it really happened , in 10 of July I was free, ready to leave for my new home.

My owners had chosen a dog bed  from a local petshop, so I could sleep comfy from the very first day, they liked the  dark grey one, despite being advised not to, because of my abundant and exuberant white hair. When we got home, I understood why the colour choice, everything was beautifully decorated and arranged, predictably, as those two were architects. I was still a baby so I made a little mess, I chewed up the bed, I peed on it, dragged it outside even when it rained. Every other day the bed had to be washed. I felt ashamed but I could not control my urges. One day the bed disappeared and I started sleeping with my parents in their bedroom, til the day my younger brother was born - then my nights of decent sleep were gone. It was a very hot August, so I scratched the door so hard just to go sleep outdoors, they thought I needed  to pee or that I was just feeling too hot but, to be honest, it was much quieter, and I enjoyed being on the nightwatch. But then the winter came again, also my need for a new bed...Desperately, they gave me their styrofoam balls pouf from their college times. I jumped on it, and sneaked in like a rabbit, it was so much fun. Unfortunately, it was not washable, so they took my beloved balls filling into an old chair upholstery, but it was not the same. It was short and small, i couldn´t lay on my back nor even stretch. One day my mommy got a new job at a mattress company and took home a sample of a bed that was custom made for a very famous football player. It was like sleeping in heaven. That very same day, one great friend of my mommy came to visit, and I don´t know exactly what happened, they kept touching my new bed, turning it upside down, and seemed very frantic and excited about something...Two months later the bed of my dreams finally arrived, this time it was not an improvise. It was carefully designed for me, with all the comfort that I deserve. Inside and Outside.

BOWMOOD is my mood!


BOWMOOD is not just “another dog brand”. We are a young and ambitious company that works on a daily basis to become your and your dog’s best friend. We put everything we are in the smallest things we do. We direct this company under the following values:

· We are young and irreverent, get used to it.
· We hand make our products in Europe
· We go the extra mile for you.
· We work for a better tomorrow