5 Easy tricks to teach your dog at home.

 5 Easy tricks to teach your dog at home. 


Dogs are good at a wide variety of things, and they are incredibly smart. A great way to combine these two factors together is to teach your dog a bunch of tricks from an early age! Not only does it help improve and strengthen their cognitive skills and problem solving, it also makes them quite a star when guests come over.

You can obviously take your dog to a professional trainer, who could teach them a great variety of tricks and make them quite a talented pup, but I wanted to leave the tricks to myself, as I believed that they were a great bonding experience. Furthermore, I started teaching my dog tricks very early on (before all his vaccines were done and he could go out), which helped him develop his intellect and honestly, made him quite a witty little boy (a good boy, nonetheless…usually).

Please note that it’s always a good idea to teach the basics first! (Check out this video on some tricks to teach your new puppy!)

While some tricks really are complicated (I’ve seen those pageant dogs), they are all doable. All tricks have three ingredients in common:

  1. Treats
  2. Patience
  3. Lots of “Good Boy/Girl!” and love

So, if you’re ready to take notes, here are some of my favorite tricks to teach your dog!

Give me your paw: This is an adorable trick that never disappoints, and the concept is really easy! Basically, I held on to treats in one hand, extended one hand towards him, and waited for Phillip to use his paw to try to get the treats from me. Any time he used his paw on my extended hand, I’d give him a treat! Once he made a connection between giving me his paw and the treats, I started using the phrase “give me your paw”, and eventually, he connected the two concepts together!

In time, I also taught him how to “give me your other paw”, which allows him to understand I want his other paw after he’s given me the first, and also introduced “left paw” and “right paw” concepts, so he knows which paw I’m referring to!


High-five: A fan favorite, the high-five trick is fairly easy, especially after learning “give me your paw”. I basically opened my hand and held it in front of him (like you’d do with a human you wanted to high five with) and waited for him to react to it. If he “high fived”, I’d give him a treat! This was a really easy trick to learn and is great fun. We are learning double high five now (both hands at the same time!).


Turn around: If you’ve taught your dog to stand up on two feet (we refer to it as up!), try holding a treat over them and turning your hand around in circles. Naturally, your dog will follow its pattern and do circles! It’s really adorable to see, and usually dogs do up to three turns back to back after practicing a few times!



Roll over: This adorable treat requires a bit more patience but is completely doable! Basically, if your dog knows their sit down/ down tricks (being seated on the tummy instead of the paws) you proceed to hold a treat to their nose, and gesture with your hand to turn over on their back and back on their tummy again. In simple terms, they roll over! It requires quite a lot of repetition to get your dog to follow the pattern of the gesture instead of going directly for the treat, but the result is definitely worth it!



Bang-bang!: I LOVE THIS TRICK! It’s quite similar to roll over, and uses a similar training method, but instead of your pup rolling back on its tummy, it involves them staying on their back, playing dead.

The procedure is as follows: You hold your hand like a gun (this isn’t necessary but adds to the act) and call out “bang-bang”, and your dog play dead by lying on their back with their adorable paws up. It’s cute to teach and entertaining for others too! The training is similar to roll over, but you give them the treat when they successfully lay on their back instead, and after this has been comprehended, you make them wait longer for the treat, so they learn how to stay on their back for longer!

So, these are our fave tricks, but there definitely are many other tricks out there that are incredibly fun for both you and your pup! If you have some suggestions, leave them below in the comment section, and we’ll include them in the part 2 of this blog post series! You can also link up with me and share information!

We are also happy to announce that we’ll be launching a video series on some of our favorite tricks to teach our dogs, taught by fellow dog parents, at home, without professional support, to see if it really is possible to make your dog a star on your own as our article suggests!

Thanks for reading!

Have a paw-some day!

-The BM team

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